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Suddenly! P.C. is an 20 year old private practice professional corporation that provides psychotherapy services and psycho-educational training and workshops to individuals and families, as well as public, private and corporate clients.

Suddenly P.C. was founded to facilitate the breakthroughs that can take place in the lives of individuals, couples, teens, and families, "When it's time for change!"  These breakthroughs occur when there is a dependence and reliance on the power and move of God to bring about Sudden change.  This power combined with sound behavioral, cognitive and in-sight oriented therapy can result in lasting change.

The Therapist:

S. Candee’ Winfield is a Licensed Professional Counselor, (LPC), National Certified Counselor, (NCC), and Distance Credentialed Counselor, (DCC).  With over 20 years as a counselor she brings insight, wisdom, and seasoned experience to the counseling session.  S. Candee’s background includes extensive experience working with families in crisis and stabilizing those families as they deal with issues of substance abuse, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.  Presently, in her Southside Atlanta private practice she conducts individual, couple, and marital therapy with men and women addressing marital discord, family-of-origin issues, depression, anxiety, interpersonal issues such as low self-esteem, co-dependency, loss & grief and trauma/PTSD. 

As a therapist and counselor Candee' utilizes cognitive behavioral and in-sight oriented interventions to move clients from distress to a place of resolve and peace with themselves and their situations and circumstances. Helping clients to realize it is not what happens to them but their perspective and what they say to themselves about those situations that determine the outcome.

To hear more about Candee’ as a therapist click on the link below to hear an interview from the Professionals Radio Network.

In-sight oriented processing is utilized in conjunction with cognitive-behavioral interventions.  When client preferred, Biblical principals are incorporated into therapy.

S. Candee' Winfield, LPC, NCC &  DCC​

Licensed Professional Counselor
National Credentialed Counselor
Distance Credentialed Counselor

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