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Suddenly! PC offers a wide range of holistic psychotherapy services for both individuals and couples. Aside from the various issues we address for our clients, as well as within the community, Candee' is a trusted, skilled and experienced licensed therapist.  With over 20 years of experience, she has mastered the skill of showing compassion and being direct with her clients.  She is able to get to the heart of the issues quickly and apply sound biblical teaching when necessary.  To hear more about her journey to her rewarding career, listen to this interview with Candee' and the Professional Radio Network. Click the link below.

Some of Candee's specialties and expertise center around establishing healthy boundaries, both individually and within relationships. She has found that often the heart of various emotional issues stem from lack of appropriate boundaries.  This is her mantra and passion. "You have to know where your 'no' belongs".  

* Pre-marital

* Marital/Couple

* Individual​
* Women's Issues
* Professional Training
* Workshops
* Therapeutic Groups
* On-site CISD
* Distance Counseling
* Practice Management 

Practice Specialty

* Christian Counseling
​* Divorce
* Depression
* Addiction/Substance Abuse
* Domestic Abuse/Violence
* Loss/Grief
* Relationship Issues
​* Spirituality
* Stress
​* Trauma and PTSD

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